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Reinforced Plastics: The new carbon black and its role in the United States manufacturing renaissance

From the dawn of civilization, carbon black has been a component of humankind’s tool chest. Carbon black production methods and morphology have changed over the eons to become more efficient, less polluting, and higher performing in the markets that carbon black serves.

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Monolith Materials Hires John Reese, VP of Sales & Marketing

Monolith Materials Inc., a next-generation manufacturer of natural gas-based carbon black, today announced John Reese as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Reese brings more than 20 years of experience from the specialty chemicals industry, most recently serving as the Vice President of Global Strategic Accounts at Cabot Corporation.

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Rubber World: Resurgence in American manufacturing

The U.S. manufacturing industry is on the cusp of a revitalization, driven largely by innovation and technology. A perfect example of this falls within the rubber and tire industry, as one of its key components, carbon black, makes its triumphant, and cleaner, return to American soil

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