Monolith is a next generation chemical and energy company that believes technology will create the path to environmental transformation. Through innovation and imagination, we are developing new, economically sustainable, technology-forward ways to make everyday products cleaner. As part of this, Monolith utilizes clean, renewable electricity to transform natural gas into vital materials, including carbon black and hydrogen, that are needed for a wide range of purposes and industries — in a way that is clean and environmentally responsible.

Ours will be the world largest methane pyrolysis plant, and first new commercial facility to produce carbon black in the United States in 50 years, through our proprietary process that uses methane pyrolysis. Monolith is the first company to make this plasma-based process work on a commercial scale since the first patent was filed over 100 years ago.

Monolith creates new, innovative, responsible technology that disrupts antiquated, unsustainable and environmentally harmful industries. As our company expands, we’re embracing globally recognized environmental, social and governance principles to guide that growth. From our commitment to operate using only clean electricity to promoting uncompromising health, safety and transparency standards, Monolith is devoted to being responsible stewards of our people, our community and the industries we serve.

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