Executive Team

Alex Hoermann

Vice President of Technology

Alex Hoermann is the vice president of technology at Monolith where he leads the development of our core technology which enables the clean and reliable production of low-cost carbon black with a natural gas feedstock. Prior to Monolith, Alex served as the director of product engineering at AREVA Solar, a division of recently renamed Orano, a French multi-national group specializing in nuclear power. During his tenure there, Alex was instrumental in the commercialization of a fledgling solar thermal technology, culminating in the construction of a 250MW plant in Rajasthan, India. Alex started his career at Applied Materials, where he worked on a disruptive product introduction in Electro-Copper Plating. Alex has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from MIT and an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Stanford. He has published several patents in the fields of copper plating, solar energy, and carbon black production.