Executive Team

Brian Allison

Vice President of Safety, Health & Environment

Brian R. Allison is the vice president of safety, health and environment at Monolith, where he leads development of safety programs, goals, tools and training to promote Monolith core SH&E values, and ensure people stay safe as they work at office, lab, travel and in production plant sites.

During his 35 years in the hydrocarbons and chemical process industry, Mr. Allison developed his passion for innovation and creating value at Dow Chemical, Cabot Corporation and Flint Hills Resources (FHR). He has led numerous domestic and international teams and organizations in 14 countries, with improvement initiatives as diverse as operations, product development, process scale-up and organizational development.

As engineering leader at Flint Hills, his high performance team drove optimization that led to ongoing production records and an innovative approach to staffing operations with a $10MM savings in margin. Prior to FHR, Mr. Allison was site leader for Cabot’s carbon black and fumed silica plants, and led cross-functional teams such as the joint team between a critical customer and Cabot. The team’s focus on fundamentals for root cause discovery led to innovative operational solutions that allowed the customer to more effectively compete in the increasingly demanding CMP market; this resulted in a dramatic customer success in quality competitiveness. At Dow, Mr. Allison provided leadership in ethylene global technology applications and led teams such as the Lifetime Extension Study, which provided a roadmap for infrastructure and technology improvements of an aging Gulf Coast ethylene plant which is now first quartile competitive. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Lamar University.