Clean Ammonia for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Ammonia is a vital component in fostering life on Earth. Without it, the planet as we know it could not grow the nutrient-rich food required to sustain our ever-growing population. Yet, traditional ammonia production accounts for >1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (equal to those of the United Kingdom).

For decades,
we’ve been forced to accept this food-for-emissions trade-off.

Not anymore.

Monolith Materials, using our proprietary methane pyrolysis process combined with 100% renewable electricity, will create 275,000 tons/year of carbon-free anhydrous ammonia when its OC2 facility is complete. The facility, which will produce cleanly made carbon black and ammonia, will stop nearly 1 million tons of CO2 per year from entering the atmosphere. Because Monolith sits in the heart of America’s Cornbelt, our locally produced clean ammonia will reduce dependency on the 1.75 million tons of ammonia imported each year to grow the food that helps feed the world.

Ammonia is just the beginning.

Monolith continues to explore opportunities for its hydrogen to help create a cleaner, carbon-free tomorrow.

Ammonia Process
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