Pure, High-Performing Carbon Black

Carbon black is a common, essential material found in everyday products like tires, automotive and industrial hoses and belts, plastics, inks and food packaging. Conventional carbon black is produced by burning decant oil or coal tar, releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

At Monolith, we have developed and perfected a new technology that uses renewable electricity to convert natural gas into carbon black and hydrogen. While Monolith’s commitment to creating environmentally sustainable carbon black is redefining the industry, one thing remains unchanged — performance.

Monolith’s carbon black is developed with surface-area and structure combinations that offer rubber compounders the versatility to engineer compounds to their specific requirements and to meet the myriad demands for high-performing carbon blacks within and across key industries and products.

Monolith Products



Inner Liner, Sidewall, Carcass, Tread, Bead

GreenBlack™ 5180

GreenBlack™ 6150

GreenBlack™ 6180

GreenBlack™ 7120

GreenBlack™ 7220

Mechanical Rubber Goods

Mechanical Rubber Goods

Hoses, Belts, Molded Goods, Extrusion Goods, Seals and Gaskets, Some Commodity Plastics

Core™ 5580

Core™ 6550

Core™ 6580

Core™ 7520

Core™ 7920



Metallurgy, Inks, Wire and Cable, Batteries, Food Containment

Bolt™ 5580

Bolt™ 6550

Bolt™ 6580

Bolt™ 7520

Bolt™ 7920

True™ 635

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