Monolith: Making Emissions-Free, Affordable Hydrogen a Reality Today

Long considered one of the keys to a sustainable future for the planet, hydrogen has been an enticing resource. However, the CO2 emissions generated, along with the costs required to produce sustainable hydrogen made the effort seem moot. Until now.

Monolith Has Turned Clean Hydrogen Production On Its Head.

Globally, traditional hydrogen production generates over 830 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually – equivalent to the CO2 output of the entire country of Germany. Through an innovative and proprietary breakthrough in commercial-scale methane pyrolysis production, Monolith is now manufacturing emissions-free, economically sustainable hydrogen using 100% renewable energy. Monolith’s competitively priced hydrogen meets the industry standard for the cleanest hydrogen available today.

Today, hydrogen is used in ammonia for fertilizer, transportation fuel, desulfurization of fuel and energy generation and storage. While the reality of emission-free hydrogen production promises to spur these industries to further innovation, it also opens the door to a myriad of potential new hydrogen energy uses and innovations.

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Methane Pyrolysis is Emissions-Free

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Cleanest Hydrogen Available Today

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