Executive Team

James T. Rens (Tim)

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Rens is the chief financial officer for Monolith Materials, Inc. Mr. Rens has spent nearly 30 years in various accounting, financial and leadership positions associated with the downstream processing of raw materials including mined minerals, natural gas and crude oil. He has extensive experience in the areas of leadership within private equity owned business, organizational startup, partnership structures, debt & equity capital transactions and mergers and acquisitions. He has focused primarily on startup opportunities for the last two decades having been in a leadership role with five startup companies since 1995.

Prior to joining Monolith Materials, Inc., Mr. Rens held CFO positions at Philadelphia Energy Solutions LLC, Executive AirShare Corporation, and CVR Energy, Inc., respectively. Before joining CVR Energy, Inc., Mr. Rens was a consultant to Pegasus Capital Investors. From November 1995 to January 2002, Mr. Rens was Controller and Chief Financial Officer of Farmland MissChem Limited and Farmland Hydro L.P., respectively.

Mr. Rens received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Central Missouri State.